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As a certified Power BI solutions provider, we help companies throughout North America effectively convert existing reports, implement new solutions and train their organizations using the Power BI platform.

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Experience your organization’s full potential through an ongoing service that provides you with the ability to easily and accurately find, maintain, and visualize your data. Give your organization the edge it needs: find and realize your data’s power to provide insights and actionable data!

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You might have an enterprise level Analytics team,or just a one man band. There are some projects that are too urgent or outside of your team’s current skill set to complete with the accuracy that an analytics project deserves. You need an experienced team that can swiftly move in and work cooperatively with an established group to provide fast, actionable results. Our ability to integrate with your team, ensuring a successful outcome, is second to none.

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IronEdge offers detailed training from experienced professionals that will give your team the edge it needs to keep up with developments in Power BI software and reporting. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive hands-on training from the experts at IronEdge who specialize in using Power BI as a tool to grow business. IronEdge can also maximize your existing team’s ability to train your staff.

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